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Quiz Board Features

Quiz Board is a quiz show styled system that can be used for fun in class review of information.

User Accounts have the ability to create and play boards.

Multi-User Accounts have the ability to create and manage user accounts that can have boards. They are useful for schools to purchase one board plan and allow individual teachers to have their own accounts.

User Account Features:

  • Easy to edit boards can be made from any location with internet access.
  • Questions can easily be added, edited, moved, and deleted.
  • Images can be used in questions, and are easy to add to questions.
  • Categories can be reorganized.
  • Question value increment can be changed.
  • All board colors can be customized.
  • Games are automatically saved when played and can easily be resumed.
  • Questions can be reshown during a game by clicking on where its value belongs.
  • Multiple games can be saved for each board.

Multi-User Account Features:

  • Simple central control for managing multiple users.
  • Create as many users as the boards limit allows.
  • Easily change the amount of boards a user is allowed.
  • Change a user's password.
  • One-click access to login to a user's account and boards.

Web browser requirements will vary. Most current browsers should work fine for use with Quiz Board.
Quiz Board has been tested to work properly in Internet Explorer 6+, Netscape 7+, and Firefox

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